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Welcome to Inspiring On, your trusted partner in the realm of Children's Services, regulated by OFSTED. We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to elevate the standards of care and support you provide to children and young people. Whether you're looking to enhance your own services or seeking specialised support for your organisation, Inspiring On is here to guide you.

Our services:

Residential Homes:
We specialise in setting up and managing residential homes that offer a safe, nurturing environment for children and young adults.

Post 16 Provisions:
Tailored services to address the unique needs of young people transitioning into adulthood, ensuring they have the resources and support required for a successful future.

Services Offered to Other Providers:

Temporary & Permanent Recruitment:
Connecting children's homes in the UK with top-notch temporary and permanent staff for exceptional care and support.

OFSTED Regulated Homes Set Up:
Expert guidance and support for establishing OFSTED-regulated homes from scratch, ensuring that they are fully compliant from day one. We extend our expertise to help other providers achieve compliance effortlessly.

REG44 Packages:
Our compliance packages are meticulously crafted to keep your organization in line with the latest regulations, offering peace of mind for both our own services and those of other providers.

Compliance Manager Services:
Our dedicated compliance managers work closely with your organization, ensuring all aspects of compliance are met. We provide this service not only for our own services but also as a valuable resource for other providers.

Supervisions and Debriefing Services:
We offer invaluable supervision and debriefing sessions to empower your staff and improve the quality of care delivered. This service is available to both our own services and external providers.

Management Investigations:
Our team conducts thorough investigations, addressing any issues proactively to maintain a high standard of care and compliance, extending this service to other providers seeking assistance.

Pre OFSTED-Visits:
Be fully prepared for OFSTED inspections with our pre-inspection visits and guidance. We offer this service to ensure your organization, as well as other providers, is well-prepared and confident.

Training Packages:
Comprehensive training packages for your staff, ensuring they are well-equipped to provide exceptional care and meet regulatory requirements. We offer this service to all organisations in need of staff training.

Trauma-Informed Therapy:
Our trauma-informed therapy services help children and young people heal and grow in a supportive environment, available for both our services and those of other providers.

Therapeutic Consultancy:
Tailored consultancy services to enhance the therapeutic aspects of your care, promoting well-being and resilience. We extend this service to support other providers in their mission to provide high-quality care.

Restorative Justice:
Transform your children's services with our Restorative Justice program. We foster empathy, accountability, and conflict resolution, empowering young individuals. Elevate your organisation's reputation and create a safer, harmonious environment.

Peer Mentoring:
Supercharge your services with our Peer Mentoring Scheme! It fosters leadership, resilience, and community engagement among young individuals. Elevate your institution's profile and empower confident, responsible youth leaders. Build a brighter future with us today!

Dedicated to Enhancing Lives Through Personalised Care

At Inspiring On, we understand that every child deserves the best possible care and support. Our commitment is to work with you, side by side, to overcome compliance and quality challenges, whether you are an organization looking to improve your own services or a provider seeking specialised assistance. Join us on this journey of excellence in Children's Services, regulated by OFSTED. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the children and young people who depend on our care.

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